16 ft Sunfish?


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Seeing that the current Sunfish really doesn't hold two 180lb adults "nicely", a slightly larger Sunfish...same dimension, same easy rigging etc... but just that little bit larger all around would seem to be a good size. Would be great for that 230 lb skipper. I suppose a 120 lb teen might have a little more issue with a capsize, but for my 200 lb frame, righting a fish is pretty easy. Just a little wider cockpit and maybe around a 110 sq ft sail. But keep everything else rigged the same....lateen rig, etc, etc. Probably not as popular with the camps, kids and such, but for those of us over 180 lbs....I'd buy one.

wonder why something like that never was produced.


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Ok...looks like I need to find an Island Packet "Big Fish".


google searching makes me feel, these are impossible to find. Stop making around 08 maybe?
Little weird too, kinda like a weird clone that morphed into the hulk. Gooseneck is almost at the spar intersection.
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yeah...when I googled "big sunfish"....that came up...so I checked it out. Not really any current activity on the boat...and limited google results as well. At least that I could find. Cockpit looks enormous and the lateen rig just seems "off"...looking at a Sunfish rig for so long.


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It's not like you can google "big fish" either.... and not just get a slew of Bill Dance or BassMasters pics!!


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Island Packet Yachts is the one to contact at:

Their website lists dozens of dealers so it might
be faster to just make a call. If you make it clear
you have money on hand I'm guessing a dealer might be willing
to track down a boat for you or call the company.


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Yeah, I noticed that. Actually IP Yachts doesn't have all that many dealers. I live in KY and there is one in Chicago, which I've actually been to several times. They're only about $3k new supposedly....or at least cheaper than the Sunfish.
245 lbs supposedly with 5 ft beam. Weight jumps up a lot for just the extra 2 ft. Trying to find info how easy they are to right from turtle position.
eh..... I should just enjoy my fish...but my dawgs love the lake and my 100 pounder would flip the fish in a heartbeat


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I bet this would have sold well back when 10,000 sunfish were being sold per year. It's about the only clone with a meaningful point of difference. When LP stopped making boats in the US they were supposedly making 1000 per year so small sailboats just are not in demand as they once were.