15,000 Members!


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We have reached the 15,000 member mark on the combined TLF/TSF database! Its amazing the amount of growth we have seen since The Laser Forum was launched back in Sept. 2002 and The Sunfish Forum in April 2004! I would like to take a moment to thank my friends Merrily and Wavedancer for their help keeping the sites running smoothly! I couldn't do it without them. I would also like to thank our advertisers including, APS, Intensity Sails, Dighy-Bitz, West Coast Sailing, Torrensen Marine (SunfishDirect), and everyone else who has contributed over the years. Finally, I would like to thank you for being a member!

As we head towards the next milestone of 20,000 members, I would like to hear your suggestions on how to make the sites better. What would you like to see added, removed, changed, etc. Don't hold anything back!

Thanks again for your membership!