1. L

    CANADA Laser Harken Upgrade kit (for racing)

    Hi, I have a complete harken racing kit to sell. Complete with the vang, cunningham and outhaul. Also includes the two deckplates and the ropes. Everything is in great shape, cleats etc, only used 2 years during the summer so 6 months total. A couple scratches but nothing else. Never saw...
  2. D

    NEW YORK 2007 Laser Race w/Radial and Full Rig, New York

    I have a 2007 Laser Race for sale. This boat is in great condition and comes with every race upgrade and piece of gear you could want. The boat has been proven to be fast and always taken very good care of. The package includes: - 2007 Laser hull - Very Good Condition - Pro Upgraded Outhaul /...
  3. M

    Used Laser Controls Upgrade

    I'm selling on eBay, my used but Laser class legal vang, outhaul, cunningham and outhaul slide: Laser Sailboat Class Legal Vang Outhaul Cunningham
  4. Jeff Gallo

    Upgrade Rigging

    Hello i was wondering what the new and old rigging systems are on a laser and the differences between them. Also if i have a laser with old rigging can i upgrade it to the new rigging. thanks in advance.