1. J

    Help needed with new product

    Hi all! I'm Jamos and we are a maritime startup and have developed an all-in-one device for sailboats and motor boats that combines a lot of instruments into one easy to use product. We would love to bring it on the market, but I need your feedback to know if we're on the right track. I hope I'm...
  2. JonThomas

    Who Runs/ Owns the forum?

    Hi, I was wondering who owns/ runs this forum. I work with a website designer and we'd be interested in creating better mobile capatability and an app which I think everyone here would appreciate. Thanks, -JT
  3. K

    Help: Anchor Sailing technology use [a student survey for masters]

    Dear all, This survey is a part of a student project identifying the technology used by sailors during their offshore time. We would greatly appreciate if you could take 2-3 minutes of your precious time and participate in this survey. Link to short survey: Thank you and...
  4. D

    Engineering Masters Sailing Related

    Hi guys New to this forum, but thought Id give it a go to get some feedback. I am a final year mechanical engineering student and Id like to do post grad studies when I am finished. There is a possibility of proposing topics to the lectures at my university here in South Africa, Stellenbosch...
  5. jason-panpan

    PanPan - a virtual lifeline on your smartphone

    He all, For the past view months I've been hard at work to solve a problem my father in law had. He was going on a sailing trip with his son that would require them to sail in shifts. Day and night. The alternating shifts meant there is always a risk to fall overboard without the other...