1. R

    Roller ramp

    Hi everyone! I am just about to order a 14.2 Expo for my family. The boat will be kept at a lake house and I am planning on building a roller ramp so I can roll the boat right up onto shore for storage. Has anyone here done this? I have a design in mind. The shore is rocky and I have a 2-3...
  2. L

    J24 Boat Cover

    Full Boat cover - in garage 20 years. In great condition. Fairclough canvas with vents, shroud openings, etc. Will deliver in Chesapeake/ Potomac area. Too heavy to ship. Best Offer. Also PHRF North Sails jib, Danforth anchor and portable solar panel battery charger.
  3. B

    MASSACHUSETTS Sail Storage Tube

    8" PVC tube, 5'6" long, could be used in the garage for storage or on a trailer for transport.
  4. B

    MASSACHUSETTS Harken Hoister

    Harken Hoister Model 7803, 45-145 lb Load, 12' Hoist distance, 6:1 Mechanical Advantage Designed for one-person operation. Raise and lower with a single control rope. Patented design lifts and lowers loads evenly, regardless of weight distribution. Self-locking safety cleat grips instantly if...
  5. H

    AMF Sunfish drying and storage

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking here for a few months - finally had a chance to post something that might be helpful to someone. Definitely appreciate all of the good knowledge that everyone contributes on this forum. It's been very helpful. I bought a Sunfish this Summer, without doing my...
  6. jpjanke

    What is the best way to maintain a shiny hull. (store for winter)

    Cleaning our "new" boat now. After it is all clean and pretty, how do I get the luster back? It will be stored for the winter and would like to get it as protected as possible. Don't want to do anything to mess it up. We plan on storing it upside down on horses or a rack. If we can make...
  7. L&VW

    Sunfish Work-Station Fire Hose Support

    HD fire hose for trailer, storage, or Sunfish work station. Hose is tan in color, not worn, very difficult to cut, and is 7-inches wide (measured flat). Five pre-cut pieces are available at ~4-feet. A long existing roll can be cut to your specification. :) Please don't ask how I cut it! :eek:
  8. Sailor Mom

    Storing the Sunfish - is upside down best?

    My son has a difficult time having to turn the boat upside down to move it from the dolly to the bunk. Is it bad for the hull to store the boat right side up? It would make moving it to and from the dolly much easier.