1. S

    J24 for sale 1979, Hull #978 $2000

    On a trailer of sorts in Buffalo. mine since '85, bulkhead replaced previously, Deck repaired many places and the repair undersides are painted, Gelcoat was sanded and epoxied about 1991, Cabin sole removed and replaced with PT plywood and stained. Glass was added to transfer the keel forces to...
  2. D

    J/24 North sails 4-5 regattas $2800

    North complete suit Newport 4-5 regatta - Main/Genoa/spinnaker all excellent condition $2800usd for complete suit local pick up or shipping available
  3. Charlotte Kinkade

    J24 FOR SALE: Camden, Maine

    Full listing details: 1986 J Boats J-24
  4. CFSC

    J24 boom without hardware for sale

    This is an older J24 boom with no hardware on it. Selling it for $200.
  5. D

    J/24 North sails for sale

    Multiple newer North sails available North Genoa - excellent condition 9/10 approximately 4 regattas. $1200usd North Genoa - very good condition 8/10 Approximately 3 regattas and 10 weeknight races $1100 usd North Main - (Newport fathead) excellent condition 9/10 Approximately 4 regattas...
  6. Calebtyler7

    Wanted: J24 hatch

    Looking for companionway hatches
  7. B

    J24 for FREE - PIER 39 San Francisco

    Hello We are selling for $0 (giving if for FREE) our J24. It’s in Pier 39 San Francisco. It’s a 40 year old bot but It needs a minor repair in the rudder to be sailable again. my boat partners and I enjoyed sailing it but a year ago we started having kids and we don’t have time anymore to take...
  8. C

    J24 #3577 For Sale

    Very competitive j24 for sale. Qualified for the last 4 out of 8 worlds. Many updates over the Years including new rigging, top deck replacement, hull and deck paint, etc. Comes sail ready and has a fully galv. Double axel Triad trailer Call Cody for more details! 612.578.1093 Will...
  9. T

    J24 - #4112 For Sale in Newport, RI

    We are selling our J24 #4112. It is a fast and race ready boat currently in Jamestown, RI near Newport. $10k. We have the measurement certificate from the class and we have raced the boat competitively in Fleet 50 and local regattas since 2014. The Boat was previously very competitive on the...
  10. J

    Looking for Adjustable Mast Step

    I am looking for an adjustable mast step, new or used. I have searched APS, Waterline Systems, and eBay with no luck so far. If you have one or know where to find one, I'm interested.
  11. B

    J24 #2766 1981 Actively Raced Through This Year

    Asking Price: $5,500 A great boat for one-design racing, day sailing, weekend cruising. With racing fleets all around the world, the J-24 is the most popular one-design racing keelboat. This is the reason that it has been chosen time and time again as the boat class for the IYRU World Keelboat...
  12. gleja

    J24 - 1980 Frisco CO with trailer $4500

    Price reduced to $4500 (Original $7200) This J/24 has spent most all of it's life in the Dillon, Colorado area. This translates to a lightly used, well preserved J/24. In Dillon the boats are launched no earlier then Memorial Day and put up by Labor day. This boat has been shrink wrapped the...
  13. M

    PARTING OUT J24 with Updated Trailer, 4Hp Suzuki outboard, Lopez blocks and numerous sails

    We just moved up to a j105 and am selling my 1978 j24. The boat was completely updated in the last 10 years, but is due for a refresh. She can be sailed with no issues for a number of years, but you will want to pay attention to details, such as the bottom job and one potential soft spot in the...
  14. G

    Looking for a rudder

    Does anyone have a rudder for sale? Please contact me. Thank you
  15. V

    J24 + Shoreline Trailer Chicago $3000

    Hi guys, I'm selling my J24. It's currently in indoor storage outside of Milwaukee. It's a 1984 Tillotson Pearson. The boat is in decent shape and comes with a Shoreline Trailer. Boat was sailed 2 years ago. Asking $3,000 but open to offers.
  16. J

    J24 parts

    I just disassembled a J24. Parts available include: Stern pulpit Mast and boom with all standing rigging and PVC mast shims Aluminum traveler track and block 2 main winches 2 smaller cabin top winches Tiller handle (good condition) and Rudder (looks to have water intrusion issues) but should be...
  17. cestbonsamson

    Hijack 4019, Turn Key J24; $5,900 USD

    1985 race winning boat in great condition. Very light weight. Price $5,900 USD Good scoreline, multiple regatta winner. Raced in multiple US National and Regional Championships. Very good racing sails as well as extra sails for practice. 1st racing set has approx 6 regattas, second set is 2...
  18. D

    J24 Trailer for sale

    J24 trailer for sale. Purchased new in 1997. New bearings in 2017. New tires in 2018. Dock box not included. Available in April when it comes out of storage for pickup in Rochester NY. $1,400 Contact me at david.michael.k@gmail.com
  19. B

    Harken 32.2A Winch

    Does anybody have a 32.2A winch drum they want to get rid of? The rest of the winch is fine.....it is just the drum where the pawls slot into has got rough and now some won't open / close.
  20. E

    1978 J24 (Hull #504?) for sale with trailer

    Good evening all! Found a J24 that I thought someone might be able to make use of. Brought her home, built a trailer for her, pressure washed her and now she needs to move along to her new home. There's little in the way of equipment but she seems solid. I'll add new photos this weekend, inside...