ilca 7

  1. J

    2001 Vanguard Laser Full Rig/ILCA 7 with Carbon Mast

    2001 Vanguard Laser in excellent condition and has never leaked a drop of water. I'm the original owner since new and have been somewhat fanatical about taking care of my boat, polishing with McLube Hullkote, and storing it inside whenever possible. The hull side is free of dents or dings...
  2. C

    Expired  GEORGIA Laser Full Rig(ILCA 7) MARK II Sail w/battens

    I used to live in Santa Barbara and I was active in the Laser community. I moved to Atlanta, GA in July 2019 and thought I would try sailing Lasers here on Lake Lanier. I purchased a new Mark II, Full-Rig(ILCA 7) sail and sailed in one light-air regatta. I think my Laser sailing days are over...
  3. ClaVaPa1

    Repair  Does replacing the sail window break rule compliance?

    So, have this old training sail that I am about to sell for €150... Before selling it, I wanted to repair the window decently because it had a bunch of holes sealed with tape / adhesive Dacron. A sailmaker advised that the only way was to replace the entire thing, so I trusted him and let him...