1. E

    Laser # 110 Historic 10th boat built Free

    I have Laser # 110. Believed to be 10th Laser built. Numbers started with # 100 or # 101. Red with white deck. Hull and deck secure. All flotation foam removed. All wood screw reinforcements including inside of transom replaced with HDPE plastic. Tried to reinforce mast tube. All wood removed...
  2. Robert Pinkham

    Veteran seeking help

    Hello, thank you for reading. I am new to the group and hoping for a miracle, so here goes. I am a 100% percent disabled veteran. I suffer from PTSD and a TBI along with a host of other injuries. I have found that being on the water with the wind in my face has been a powerful therapy for me. I...
  3. S

    Free Sunfish Hull

    The boat is in great shape rocksolid the mast hole need some fiberglass work 631-807-1029