1. bathtubsailor

    Expired  FLORIDA Ziegelmayer for sale in Miami - great for new team

    Older Ziegelmayer for sale, stored most of its life inside a warehouse in Miami. Perfect for a new team. [email protected]
  2. R

    Expired  FLORIDA Wanted: J 24 for sale with delivery in Florida

    I'm looking for J24, ready for sail! Contact me viamessage. [email protected] or (305) 450 4198
  3. spaceyjones

    1995 Capri 14.2 - First Boat, Questions on ding/gouge repair & barnacle crud

    Hello everyone! I'm new to sailing and the forum, and have been reading lots of the old posts on this page to get up to speed. I recently purchased a 1995 Capri 14.2 and had the pleasure of taking it out for the first time last week. By the time it was back out of the water I had a little list...
  4. L&VW

    Mast Repaired from a Fracture...

    • I have a NEW SUNFISH MAST for sale, for Central New Hampshire pick up. $120. • USED SUNFISH mast, presently in use, for sale for Central Florida pickup. $90. • Repaired, sleeved, SUNFISH MAST for sale for Central Florida pickup. $40. • Don't know what it fits—maybe Force 5—2¾-inch diameter...
  5. S

    Laser radial race ready

    selling my laser that I raced in Florida for 2 years. The boat comes with every thing you need to race other then a road trailer. 1 used radial race sail and one intensity practice sail. Battens, Cunningham, adjustable outhaul, new vang system, daggerboard and Ruder, carbon fiber tiller...
  6. L&VW

    Sunfish Mast, Repaired from a fracture...

    Original Sunfish mast broke in windstorm, then repaired with a sleeve--stronger than new! Ready for local pick-up, but call or text for alternative delivery options. I also have NEW masts for sale in New Hampshire--and in Florida, if you can wait a few months!