1. B

    NEW YORK Excellent Condition 14ft Alcort Sunfish

    14ft Alcort Sunfish sailboat. Excellent condition. All original and lightly used over the years. Hull is light weight, clean, and has a nice shine. No patches or repairs. Alcort matching sail is crisp and has no holes or repairs. Wood blades are also in great shape - and has the new style...
  2. B

    Expired  NEW YORK Red/white/blue 14ft Sunfish - Excellent Condition

    Classic red, white, and blue 14ft AMF Sunfish sailboat. Sunfish is in excellent condition. Very lightly used over the years and always stored indoors. Hull is clean, has a nice shine, and no patchwork. Light weight hull. Sail is in like new condition, no rips or tears. Blades are also in great...
  3. B

    Expired  NEW YORK Mint Alcort Sunfish Sailboat - New Style Rudder

    Mint condition 14ft Alcort Sunfish sailboat. Hull is clean, light weight, and was very lightly used. Mint condition, all original parts in great shape. No repairs or major scratches to the hull, hull has a nice shine. Sail is in great shape with no rips. Wood blades are also in great shape. New...
  4. JC707

    Sunfish Project

    It’s been two months but I’m not disappointed.
  5. JC707

    AMF Sunfish Cool Cat Cooler

    I’ve seen a few pictures and read about it in the Sunfish Bible. Does anyone one know where I can get a Cockpit cooler? There’s none on Ebay. Thank you, Jac.
  6. G

    1975 Alcort Force 5

    Wondering if anyone has pictures of how to rig a 1975 Alcort Force 5. The only diagrams and pictures that I can find online are for Force 5's from 1977 and up. They have some striking differences with the gear I have. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. James A.

    Minifish II - Looking for rigging advice

    Towards the end of last summer I stumbled upon a Minifish II for sale and it is in good shape for the most part but I am missing some of the rigging. I don't have the boom vang or the fiddle block for the top main. I would like to get some advice on what I would really need, so I don't overbuy...
  8. S

    Sailfish Identification and Inspection

    Hi, This is my first post to sailingforums. I acquired a AMF Alcort Sailfish from a co-worker for $100. It was stored behind a shed (they don't know how long). Sails and rudders were kept indoors. Here are a few pictures of before and after cleaning it up. Here is a picture of the...