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    Vanguard 470 Parts

    I salvaged all the hardware I could on a Vanguard 470 and I would like to sell it all at once. I'm asking $250 + shipping but will take the best offer for the full lot as I want to get rid of it all - but I am willing to be flexible as I imagine some of this stuff is hard to find/replace. Hope...
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    Looking for a 470 boom

    I am looking for a boom for my 470 which I recently refurbished but have not sailed. I think my mast is a goldspar, but I'm looking into buying any boom as they are difficult to find in the US. Please contact me if you and interested in selling one or have an idea of where I can look.
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    1975 Vanguard 470 for sale

    have a 1975 vanguard 470 for sale for $750 -2 mains -2 Jibs No spinnaker or pole. 2 MASTS! one set of trapeze wires and handles. the rest is there, including a ton of harken blocks! Currently Stored inside. The boat itself is sound, with the exception of the bow area it is in fine shape. The...