1. hankseum

    Expired  FLORIDA Looking for 470 in the US

    I am an 18-year-old sailor from Minnesota looking to start sailing in the 470s. I will be going down to Florida for college sailing this fall and am looking to purchase a 470 before then. I can drive anywhere in the US and even North America. They seem hard to find so if you know of one in...
  2. bathtubsailor

    Expired  Outside North America Near Mint Ziegelmayer for sale in Italy

    Boat for sale in northern Italy. Great condition. Very little use. [email protected]
  3. bathtubsailor

    Expired  FLORIDA Ziegelmayer for sale in Miami - great for new team

    Older Ziegelmayer for sale, stored most of its life inside a warehouse in Miami. Perfect for a new team. [email protected]
  4. L

    Expired  MICHIGAN 470 sailboat/sails for sale

    Sailboat was made in 1972 and originally belonged to the St. Joseph Jr. Foundation sailing school, where I learned to sail (in the 70's). I bought it from a private owner and sailed it for a few years and then it was in storage for 10 years. The boat is for sale for parts, but was functional...
  5. T

    Unjury-rigging a jury-rigged 470

    Hello I bought an old 470 from 1976 (built by Roga) but from what I can work out, the previous owner must have got been using it jury-rigged. The rudder was on facing the wrong way for a start... I'm struggling to work out how to get it properly rigged and I'm seeking your help. I know I'm not...
  6. Fredn

    How to fix this?

    Hello all, I recently got a 470 in good condition but at the back there is a bit of de-lamination. I was wondering if anyone knows what would be the best way to fix this? There might still be some dirt and leaves under the red panel. Thanks in advance.
  7. J

    Expired  SOUTH CAROLINA 470 Mainsail Wanted

    I am looking for a used 470 mainsail to use for practice. It can be in any condition. My email is [email protected] .
  8. J

    Expired  RHODE ISLAND 2011 Ziegelmayer 470

    Selling 2011 Ziegelmayer 470 great condition. Race ready. Dry hull. Needs newer sails to race competitively. 4-5 sets of used sails some in decent condition. 1 Super Spar mast ready to sail. 1 spare mast for lighter crews. 1 Selden boom. Spinnaker pole. Dolly and road trailer. Centerboard and...
  9. S

    Expired  MICHIGAN Vanguard 470 For Sale

    70's era 470 for sale. Boat has 1 set of good sails for leisurely sailing. Extra main and spinnaker. I also have an extra boom and spinnaker pole. I've only had the boat for 2 seasons and sailed it very little. Our club sails MC's and Lasers and am looking to move into those boats. Decent...
  10. T

    Expired  CANADA 2014 Mackay 470

    Sailed only 2 regattas and the Olympics, stored indoors since RIO 2016 Olympics! This is a complete package, we are selling our Rio 2016 Olympic Mackay 470 including: - Road Trailer, licensed, converted Boston Whaler trailer (specifically for 470 transport) with new tires. Bearings regularly...
  11. C

    Expired  Vanguard 470 Parts

    I salvaged all the hardware I could on a Vanguard 470 and I would like to sell it all at once. I'm asking $250 + shipping but will take the best offer for the full lot as I want to get rid of it all - but I am willing to be flexible as I imagine some of this stuff is hard to find/replace. Hope...
  12. M

    Expired  Looking for a 470 boom

    I am looking for a boom for my 470 which I recently refurbished but have not sailed. I think my mast is a goldspar, but I'm looking into buying any boom as they are difficult to find in the US. Please contact me if you and interested in selling one or have an idea of where I can look.
  13. C

    Expired  1975 Vanguard 470 for sale

    have a 1975 vanguard 470 for sale for $750 -2 mains -2 Jibs No spinnaker or pole. 2 MASTS! one set of trapeze wires and handles. the rest is there, including a ton of harken blocks! Currently Stored inside. The boat itself is sound, with the exception of the bow area it is in fine shape. The...