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    Wanted: Omega 14 Jib

    Did they help you with locating a used part at a fair price? or was it a new part? I have found new jibs but they are pricey.
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    Wanted:  Omega 14 Jib

    I have a 1982 Omega 14 that I recently picked up and I am lacking a jib for it. All the hardware is in place, I only need the sail. A new jib seems a bit pricey for my taste right now, does anybody have one they would part with or know where I can find a good deal on a lightly used one? Any help...
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    Wanted: 14.2 Expo no more than 5 hours from Dallas TX.

    I found a good deal on a 1982 Omega 14. I am no longer looking for an expo. Thanks!
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    Can anybody tell me about this boat?

    Thank you for your timely response and insight Charley. I talked with the owner today and I think we have settled on a fair price. I have plans to go pick the boat up this Saturday. I will bring extra straps and foam to be sure that I can secure the mast in a way that will not cause any damage...
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    Can anybody tell me about this boat? Based on the images provided(especially the one with the model and serial stamp) can anybody help me out with details on this boat? I don't see the stowage area up front and it looks as though the seating area goes all the way to the bow. Is...
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    Wanted:  14.2 Expo no more than 5 hours from Dallas TX.

    I am looking to purchase a used expo in good condition. Must be ready to sail with good working trailer. For the right boat at the right price I am willing to drive up to 5 hours from the Dallas TX area. I look forward to joining the 14.2 community.
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    For Sale: Capri 14.2 Mod 2 - TX

    Do you still have the boat? I am in the DFW area and I am interested. Could you email me some pictures please? izvox at yahoo dot com