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    Tunes on the Sunfish

    I use an eGo Icebar with my iPod and it works great. Just remember to also buy some good rechargeable batteries for the unit itself.
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    iPad Anyone?

    I'm not an Apple fan and don't believe the hype, or maybe its that I generally avoid companies that try to tell me what I should like and all the negativity they express towards their competitors. So far this is the best use I've seen for an iPad: Bring on the hate mail :) Secretly...
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    Buoyancy Aid

    I use a Gill Compressor Vest and love it. Most comfortable PFD I've ever had as it stretches to conform to your body shape/size whatever wacky acrobatic act you are performing. Another nice thing, especially here in northwest N.A. is that it also helps to keep you warm. Does a decent job of...
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    Laser Sailing in Auckland

    This may somewhat depend on where you plan to be living as 'Auckland' covers a pretty large area now. Plenty of clubs to choose from though. While I can't speak to the quantity or quality of racing, Manly Sailing Club is in a fantastic location along the Hibiscus Coast on the Whangaparaoa...
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    Sailing Athlete Commits Anti-Doping Rule Violation

    I wonder if Ross Rebagliati will rush to this sailors defence...
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    Traveller Cam Cleat / Hikingstrap Shockcord

    Hi Lu, Is it possible that the ridge of silicone (or 5200 or whatever the green arrow below is pointing to) is contributing to the issue of the bungy slipping off the cleat? As the bungy is only needed to hold the hiking strap away from the bottom of the cockpit I use quite a thin bungy that...
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    Sailing alone safety question

    Great idea Alan. I recall reading that Sir Robin Knox-Johnston did a similar thing on Suhaili during the inaugural Golden Globe Race. He had lines trailing behind the boat so he could dive off the bow, let Suhaili pass by, catch the end of the line and use it to pull himself back on board...
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    Easter Host Bucking For Emmy

    This may be the closest I ever come to meeting someone famous :) What exactly were you measuring Fred?
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    This Certainly is a Silly Thread

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    Sailor not happy.

    Time to break out a Bic...
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    Please suggest the best threads

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    This Certainly is a Silly Thread

    It's almost that time of the year again. Don't tell me I didn't warn you...
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    white boom

    The official rules state: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18. BOOM (a) A metal sleeve supplied by the builder of maximum length 900 mm may be fixed inside the boom. The sleeve shall not extend aft of the point 1220 mm from the...
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    Racing Sail wanted

    Sorry to hear that Andy, you've had a run of bad luck this year eh. My sail number is 98617 and is also near new but has seen little use this season ;) I'll be sure to stay on the lookout for 98659.
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    New sail design - Keep the Dream Alive!

    Not withstanding your infinite knowledge of everything, you sure talk a lot (3,700 words in this thread alone and counting…) for a guy that has no interest in Laser racing and has already purchased an Intensity sail. Or perhaps he has shares in the aforementioned company ;)