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    Used 1989 Laser Hull - 500CDN

    I could be interested in the boat - is this just a hull or is there the full rigging including spars and sail and boards? If you are in toronto I would like to see the boat.
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    Inspection port threads combined!!!!!

    Re: Inspection port again!!!!! I put one in my boat because it was in need of a repair to the mast support. It has been very handy for the extra safety lines etc that the coast guard makes us carry in canada - also not a bad place to keep the lunch and beer when the wind dies down - I have not...
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    winter repairs

    Just finished gel coating the bottom of my boat - 7 layers - kept the temp around 65 - 70 - but you have to remember that you should get the temp up there first and shut the space heater off before you start with the chemicals -especially acetone - there is a very present danger of vapour...
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    Other boats owned..

    I really enjoy sailing real boats - you know the kind that when you make a mistake you get wet - my primary boat is a Vancouver 42 but all summer long I have 2 Bombardier Invitations tied up along side and they are lots of fun for my wife and I to race - always interested in talking anyone who...
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    Newbie- Rigging Questions

    HI Bud - I have an Invitation - actually 2 - great boats and really quite fast - re your first question - the sail flapping - it will flat when you unfurl it byt what I did was attach a snap shackle on the line at the end of the boom and this allows for a far faster attachment and release when...