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    Laser 2 wanted

    I sent you a pm Freddy. Fair Winds, Scott
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    Laser I, Laser II, or something else?

    A JY15 or 420 would be good IMO. I agree that you should check out the local fleets where you plan to sail and see what they have. This will give you the option to race if you want to as well as plenty of resources to get parts/advice/etc. In west MI, Butterflies are also very popular...
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    1980 Laser 2 Indiana

    Good luck with the sale!! Hopefully someone picks up this great boat that is 1 sail older than mine. :D Scott Laser 2 #379
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    Laser 2 Rigging

    Cool...thanks. Email on it's way and also grabbed the one that you posted nick.
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    Laser 2 Rigging

    I'd like one as well. They seem to be hard to come by.
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    Laser vs. Laser II

    Well...I had this all typed out and of course browser here goes again: The obvious differences is that the II is bigger than the laser. It can run a main, jib, and spinnaker. There is a larger cockpit area which is good for sailing with another person, hence why it is a...
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    Price, age, trailer, etc?
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    4.7 vs. Opti

    My son also 9 and around 75 lbs just started sailing this year as well. He is sailing prams as well and is really enjoying it. I was contemplating purchasing a pram/opti. I can't help you in the comparison to the 4.7 rig, but here is what made me decide not to get a pram. I couldn't justify...