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    Laser Trailex Trailer

    I am interested in the trailer. Please send me a response at Thanks. th
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    2012 Laser Full Rig

    Do you have any pictures available? Is there a trailer and/or dolly included in price?
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    1994 Radial and Full Rig Excellent

    I'd like to take a look at the boat. Is it still available?
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    1994 Radial and Full Rig Excellent

    Please send pics to
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    Great Practice Sail! Radial sail for sale!

    Is this sail still available?
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    Laser Radial Lower Mast Section

    Is this mast section still available?
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    Radial Sail - Like New, with lower section

    I'd like to look at the sail. I'm in Philadelphia, but driving to NJ on Sunday. Where are you?
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    2002 Laser Standard

    Ummm, how do I view attachments?
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    2002 Laser Standard

    Can you post some pictures, please? Thanks.
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    Laser for Sale - Jersey Shore - Excellent Condition

    I'd like to see some photos.
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    Philadelphia Frostbiting

    What town will you be sailing from? Where would you put put the boats in? I am currently sailing at a lake near Exton, but live in Delco. How many boats are you expecting? And what happened to Philadelphia Laserfleet?
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    Ideal weight for Radial

    So, I guess at 5" 8", 135 lb, I should switch from full to radial. I'm new at Lasers (used to j-boats) and sailing on a very shifty lake.