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    Used Trailer SF

    Single Axle. Photo's on Craigslist. Needs new keel beam. Sailboat Trailer for J24
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    Parting out '78 J24

    Heya, I'd be interested in the stern pulpit assuming it's not bent out of shape like
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    Last item H.4 JIB ONLY The event will be sailed wi Should probably be numbered J.4 since it's in section J.
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    Heads up typo in C6 (c) The corrector weights shall be permanently fastened with bolts through the required bulkheads and sealed with a strap of resonated glass cloth. I'm sure you mean reSINated?
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    Los Angeles J/24 needs new home - #3885

    I'd be interested in looking at the boat. Please contact me at