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    Laser Repair

    No no no no.... Don't copy the foil tip repair. Clean it all up and remove any burrs to make a neat hole with ( important ) rounded corners. Chamfer all the edges of both skins and build up your laminate from the hull...use plasticene or similar neatly covered in cling film as a bridge while...
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    Gelcoat repair

    Hey Sugar' If you are really desperate I've no qualms about sending you a drop in a bottle, it's a 80/20 chance on making it through the post scanners...
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    Laser Gelcoat

    Non slip area ? I use plasticene ( kids modelling clay ) pressed onto the deck adjacent to the fix and immediately placed onto the new gel skin in the same orientation I've just put on..just gotta not give in to temptation and lift the clay too brilliantly to ok depends on the...
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    Laser Gelcoat

    It's fairly easy to make your own colour mate. Get your hands on the nearest shade of grey that matches and tone up or down with acrylic paint. With a little patience doing a few testers on a sheet of clear plastic you'll soon find the blend - make notes as you go.
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    Videos: How To Exactly Match Your Gel Coat Boat Color

    Hey Andy ! Glad to see you're getting into it mate. I use a regular acrylic paint set, adding pinhead blobs to base colour gel coat in stages to get a colour match before adding the catalyst..
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    Padded Toe Strap Components

    600 denier polyester, by the metre from any fabric outlet or flea bay
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    Maststep about to go?

    Sun, no cover = uv degradation = eventual osmosis. Sun penetrates a couple of hundred feet of the pacific, it only penetrates down two layers of human skin ! Amazing. With grp, there's no melanin so the uv penetrates right through and reacts with the polyester, the result is the polyester...
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    Daggerboard stop removal

    You can prise it off and replace it later no real probs..take care though else it'll get all jagged removing it. I think the safest method is to take a simple wooden or plastic wedge, cut a slot out the centre and....well it's obvious really.
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    Video: Sailing Vacation, Day 1

    Man ! How old is that block ! Like your vids Andy, wish more peeps would post vids of recreational sailing.
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    Roof racking or trailering... Vote for which you like best?

    Lolz, when I ever went anywhere I'd get the missus to help throw the boat on and found it a great excuse to break the ice with strangers wherever I ended up... I didn't care, anyone passing would get collared " ere mate / luv / officer...grab the end of that will ya"
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    Removing snapped grab rail screws from hull

    Had a very similar situation with a rudder pintle last week, tried initially to do as little damage as poss by cutting a new trench for a screwdriver in the broken end but the rust farther down the thread held on longer than the trench walks which tore out. Not in the position of being able to...
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    Roof racking or trailering... Vote for which you like best?

    I used to roof rack it everywhere. Cost of dedicated roof bars - £30 on ebay. Versus Cost of dedicated electronic hook up for car inc. towbar & labour £995 ( vw quote, new golf still in warranty ) Cost of trailer - £250 - £350 Cost of storing the trailer £90 pa Then there's the worry some fker...
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    Slightly soft side deck

    The above ^^ gives me a warm glow ..
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    PLEASE help guys !

    Light amplified stimulated emitted radiation - laser