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    What size engine

    For future reference: I'd recommend 5 hp. A 5 hp. Mercury is about 20kg. At least one top guy suggested it to me. It may have been Terry Hutchinson, a really top sailor. You need 60kg. of additional stuff to put on your boat for racing, before sails, according to the rules. Some of it is...
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    Setting Rake on a J24

    How to measure?: I recall measuring distance from shroud to shroud at the spreaders. But the way to go is to Google "J/24 tuning guide" and you'll find about 5 or 6 of them from all the sailmakers. They are all similar in setup, and hopefully at least some will make it clear how to measure...
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    Loose foot mainsail?

    Sorry to see that you've been waiting for over a month for an answer. You probably made some decision and moved on. All sails made by the major sailmakers are to class specs for racing purposes and have bolt ropes in the foot and luff. Luffs don't use sail slides. Now, if you're buying from...
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    J/24 Keel repair - heavy delamination, repairable?

    I realize that by now this may be moot, but probably someone else might be glad to know in the future: There's not that much wrong with this keel. It can probably be fixed in ~10-20 hours by an amateur (ask me how I know!). It's quite a bit more if you feel the need to fair it to optimize it...