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    US selection for Olympics

    Expect to see Charlie crushing the fleet over the following quadrennial...
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    US selection for Olympics

    Cinderella story!!! so cool for Rob
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    Looking for a 2009 or newer boat with foils and spars. (standard) preferably light usage
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    Keeping Water off Sunnies/Glasses

    I dip them in the lake/ocean to get the beads off. I never wear them downwind anyways, since visibility is so important for surfing waves
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    Starts (racing in dinghies/skiffs)

    See how 047 and 120 hold their place near the boat. Downspeed maneuvering is the most important part of starting in dinghies You may need to practice a lot with sailing up into the wind, then skulling away from the wind while letting your sail out, then sail back into the wind. Keep your sheet...
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    Regatta Preparation

    I wouldn't recommend tying a bowline to the mainblock, as it's hard to set your maximum out, and if you drop it, it's hard to grab under tension. I like a stopper knot and 1 foot of line after the stopper to keep a hand on
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    Strategies for light conditions

    you must practice downspeed boat maneuvers. IE double tacking, shooting up or sailing backwards to control your position on the line or remain static. With current, you need to know how much and how FAST it is. For example, get a cork, and tie a small weight to the bottom of it with fishing...
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    Questions about the levels of Laser racing.

    You can sail ANY regatta you want in Radial in the United States, as long as it's not an ISAF World Cup event, in which Radial is only sailed by Women. I would recommend you to start small and local with things like Orange bowl, then work your way up to Laser NA's, CORK, Mid winters East...
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    Laser Training

    Video 1: slide your hand up the mainsheet after completing the tack.. this allows you to: 1. straighten your body out, 2. release the main so it doesn't stall, and 3. make the hand switch easier, quicker and smoother. Video 2: Loosen your outhaul downwind A LOT more. be quicker on the hand...
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    Laser Blogs

    My favorites are:
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    Regatta Preparation

    Check out Dave Wright's blog at!gallery He has a great video for setting up the Laser.. Watch out! it's Viral!!