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    old style bailer

    yeah, you're probably correct but i'd hate to have the only submarine with a sail. so sail it a bit, bring it ashore, check for water in the hull. i reckon i'll know if it floods the tub. perhaps i need to reconsider that inspection port i've been putting off. thanks for the data and i...
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    Replacement Wheels for your Seitech Dolly

    what are the chances of you producing some "wheeleez" knock offs? i have very soft sand to traverse on a couple of beaches and the thinner wheels don't work at all.
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    old style bailer

    part of me agrees with the "iffen it ain't broke..." but a quorum is against merely throwing it into the water to see if it sinks. :) what sort of gaskets would be inside that bailer, are they the same size as the ones for the new style bailer and will the new balls work in the old bailer?
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    old style bailer

    i have a 71 hull with the old style bailer. i'd like to dissect it to ensure its water tight integrity but before i do that, does anyone know where i could obtain the necessary gaskets for it?
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    Sunfish Haulin

    i've hauled a sunfish in the back of my pickup using one of those "bed extender" thingees that fit into the receiver hitch. that works pretty good. now i need to figure out a way to wedge two of them back there.
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    Sunfish Pickin Perdido Beach AL

    great series of pics on the rebuild.
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    brunswick georgia
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    Identify Vintage and Type of Sunfish Boat & advice

    look through this site: from my personal experience with used sunfish, if it doesn't come with rudder, dagger, mast and booms, keep looking for one that does...
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    getting started

    sounds about right. for other opinions, wander through this bunch of miscreants:
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    Abra Cadabra: Five Tips for Getting Your Best Start Ever

    lots of good ideas and information in those articles. thanks again.
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    How to dry a Laser hull

    take a look at this method:
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    Abra Cadabra: Five Tips for Getting Your Best Start Ever

    thanks for the reading material. :)
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    VHF radio Q's

    1) yes on both. 2) a radio reaches everyone within line of sight (assuming they have a radio and it is on), a cell phone reaches only 1 person at a time and you have to know their number. radio works offshore and a cell won't due to lack of towers.
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    looking for used sunfish green/white sail

    would anyone know of such available? don't want to spend $300 or better on a new one but do need one in pretty good shape...