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    2005 Laser, Standard & Radial Rig, Trailer, Dolly Top and Bottom Covers

    2005 Laser. It has standard and radial sails and the radial lower mast. Both sails are in great shape. Bottom and top covers, like new lines and vang, dolly and trailer. Let me know if you are interested. Ready to race. Stored indoors for winter. Freshwater boat. More photos available.
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    1980 Yellow Laser / "Sunshine" / Race Ready

    1980 Yellow Laser For Sale / Sunshine Yes the famous “Sunshine” yellow hull (with a white deck) laser is ready for a new owner. The boat has all updated rigging, dolly, top cover, inspection port sock for your water bottle, etc. and a fairly decent sail (full rig). She holds her own in a race...
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    2004 Laser for sale

    27101 I'm available to look at it on Sunday. Wrong e-mail address sorry! Use this one I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
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    2004 Laser for sale

    I live in Minneapolis and race at Calhoun and WYC. I'm interested in an upgrade. E-mail me I'd like to look at it as soon as possible.