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    J24 USA5432 for sale! PRICE REDUCED

    J24 5432 was built in 2012. in 2014 she had a full refit and all the work was done by Chris Morgan. I could go on and on about results from top 5 at worlds to tying a few North Americans. She lives in a barn and is completely dry. Contact This boat was bought for...
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    Devaig, Are you still looking for a really good J24???

    Devaig, Are you still looking for a really good J24???
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    WANT TO BUY J 24's

    J/24 USA-5432 PRICE REDUCTION Price reduction from this also. Asking 30,000. Or best offer
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    Bayview One Design regatta

    Mike G... Let me know if anyone is looking for a really good J24 to buy for a good price. 5432
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    WANT TO BUY J 24's

    If stil looking I have hull 5432. May be available. Email me at
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    USA-5432 For Sale

    Darren are you or anyone still looking for a boat email or message me
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    J24 #5464

    Charlie do you know of anyone looking for a boat still email me or message. Thanks
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    2 - 5 day old sails at great price Quantums new design, new windows!

    New sails, very fast, and last longer! Each sail has either been used only 2 days or at the most 6 days. Very well taken care of. Contact Me at 585-943-8652 or email me at traviso.sailing for pricing. If your looking for racing sails these are it!