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    Impact of Design Changes

    The proposed rudder design changes the pivot point distance between the rudder and centerboard. YES The proposed rudder position is decreasing this distance. YES, You have to look at the percentages gained and or loss. The loss in the leverage you’re talking about is extremely...
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    Impact of Design Changes

    Don't be confused with how a boat turns on its axis and the pressures on a rudder. They are two different issues. The current Sunfish rudder is an unbalanced design. It is an unbalance rudder because the CLR ( center of lateral resistance ) is aft of its pivot point of the rudder. This is...
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    New Sunfish Rudder

    John, I'll be at the Master with prototypes in hand so hopefully we'll all get a change to speak on the subject and see for yourself the differences. See you soon. Tom Whitehurst
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    Impact of Design Changes

    Please provide your reference material on your statement. "as the pivot point has been moved closer to the center pressure on the boat. which will cause more drag" 1) Drag is proportionate to the amount of surface area. 2) Lift is greater with a thicker blade but has more drag. 3)...
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    Impact of Design Changes

    I have to admit that the project was to achieve both A and B if possible. As for a compromise to some extent yes it is but if it didn't solve the issue than some of the requirements would also have to change. This was not the case and the final design is good. It is truly a different...
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    Impact of Design Changes

    When the new rudder project was started, I first made a list of requirements. One requirement was that it needed to operate with the existing rudder/tiller system so that only the blade would need to be replaced and not the entire rudder/tiller assembly. These requirements had an impact on the...
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    Steering a Sunfish

    Most of us have power steering in cars today. Sailing a sunfish in heavier winds is like driving a car WITHOUT power steering. It is very difficult to steer! This proposed change will correct this problem. It is not to make the boat faster but easier for everyone to sail. For those of us...
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    Stohlquist Lifejacket

    L'm selling a new Stohlquist Life Jacket ( used twice ). It just doesn't fit my tacking style. RED/BLACK Med/Lg $90.00 List for 105.95 I'll be at the NA's in Dallas.
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    Woo Hoo!!!

    Welcome back MJ !! It's good that your enjoying your new found fish. We all hope to see you out racing with us soon. You've got a great boat and Lauren will be excited to see her newer boat next weekend at the Regional. TW
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    Gulf Coast Regional - April 22/23 - NOR

    See attached or link
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    Newbie:Sunfish weight limit

    You'll not have a weight problem at 210. We have people racing at that weight.
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    Chartering a Sunfish fot the North American's 2006

    I can bring an extra boat. $150.00 TW
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    Class Approved Sunfish Upgrades (from Vanguard)

    All I can say is this is why someone is responsible for taking the official minutes. So you’ll have to read them in the next WL. As for “the WC overwhelmingly negative” Let me put this in perspective. The world Counsel is negative about making any changes to the Class rules. Also, the...
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    Class Approved Sunfish Upgrades (from Vanguard)

    I would like to try to clear up some of these questions: 1 The fiberglass rudder is the same profile as the current blade. It is NOT a new design but a change in construction material. Vanguard asked at the Worlds in Hyannis if they could make a “plastic” blade for this years worlds in...
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    New Rudder Design, Why?

    Please don’t ask to join as a member of this group. Membership is restricted to just the development and testing group. You can get the following at the yahoo group site: ( you might have to create an account to view but its free ) 1) Send and email to the group for QA and information...