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    1977 J24 parts available

    Rudder long gone I assume? if not 917-710-7127 thanks
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    j24 Rudder Needed

    Seeking non-racing rudder. Please send pictures to
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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    Do you still have a rudder? 917-710-7127
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    Parting out '78 J24

    Hi is your rudder still available? 917-710-7127
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    parting out J24

    Hi is rudder sold? 917-710-7127
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    8 Sails, Faired Rudder, Rigging and More

    Hi is the rudder still available? Thanks
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    J24 Rudder Needed

    Please let me know if you have a rudder with hardware available for a 1980 boat - preferably white if possible. NYC area. Email
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    Rudder available?

    Hi - I also need to find a rudder for a 1980 boat. If anyone has one please email