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    Does Anyone Know About Chrysler Sailboat?

    The important question to ask is "that thing got a Hemi?" TUM
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    Why do you own more than one sunfish

    At my age I keep forgetting I own a couple Sunfish already and I just keep buying more!
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    Making new style rudder for old style boat

    Well, at my age I don't know about much anymore either, but your comment caused what gray matter I have left to sputter to life. Back in 1972 or so, Alcort, who made the boats back then, started selling replacement blades for the old style rudder that had the new shape. A number of them have...
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    Thoughts on Bailer replacement

    I've been racing Sunfish since they were made of wood, and have sailed in numerous North American championships even in this decade despite my advanced years. I can assure you that class legal racing does not require the O ring to be used. For reasons I cannot figure out, perhaps as my brain...
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    Please come to Michigan Open Sunfish Championship

    Hi, sounds like fun. However, it is a long way for some of us older sailors to drive. Have you thought about holding the Michigan Open in a location where it is easier to get to? Upstate NY would be a more central location, accessible to Michigan, NY and New England sailors.
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    Newbie wondering about buying this 2001 fish

    Back in the late '60s and early '70s when Sunfish were at the height of popularity, there was a kid selling hot Sunfish out of a garage on the bad side of Darien, CT. He always had a heavy with him, and I am pretty sure the heavy packed heat. The Sunfish black market was pretty intense in CT...
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    2015 North American Championship in Texas!!!

    I am hoping to get my knees and hips replaced in time to come to the NAs. Last time I was in Texas LBJ was still alive. Anway, what dates will the senior championship be? I need to get someone to cover my shift calling bingo at the retirement home and need to know which days the senior...
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    Sunfish Club Threatened with Closure

    When I was growing up and learning to sail we had to pull Comets by hand uphill in the blazing sun 3 miles to an unpaved launch ramp. When we were done we had to pull them by hand uphill three miles home!
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    A Theological Question Regarding Sunfish Rigging

    I stopped by the Waterbury CT plant several times in the early '60's. I thought Cort was a big mover and shaker in the Connecticut Republican party, so this is a bit of a surprise - I was having a glass of prune juice when I read this and I nearly blew some of it out my nose! Has anyone been...
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    Sunfish US Masters were this weekend

    I just returned from the US Masters held at the Rochester Kazoo Club. I don't know why a sailing club would be called a Kazoo Club, but I guess they started out as a Kazoo Club and switched to sailing later. I also don't know why their initials are RCC and not RKZ. Maybe they spell Kazoo Cazoo...
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    Hope someone at the Intl Masters posts an update

    Unfortunately due to some cataract issues I was unable to make the drive to Florida. However, a competitor there sent me something she called a "text message" to what I refer to as my "handheld wireless portable phone." She said that the first two races on Friday were in light wind, and the...
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    ISCA & USSCA website(s) marked as malware sites

    For spectators, it was boring. For the sailors, it was a mix of boredom waiting for wind, and intensity on the water Starts were tough as shown by all the Z flags and OCSs. Lots of current and big shifts made it intense while sailing. As you can see, there was wild variation in the results...
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    No racing at the Worlds today (Wednesday)

    We got in three races today. We hiked just a bit on the last leg of the first race, and quite a bit in some big shifts in the third and final race of the day and regatta. I would tell you more but I literally cannot remember exactly what happened. Congrats to Alexander Zimmerman. It is also...
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    No racing at the Worlds today (Wednesday)

    Hi, just got the Ben-Gay to kick in so I can type. As you may have seen, the first race (race 4) went off around 3:30. Strong current running north in a light southerly made for tough windward legs. If you went right the current was stronger and you suffered badly, much like Mr Drysdale suffered...
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    No racing at the Worlds today (Wednesday)

    Due to a complete lack of wind, and a forecast for the same for the rest of the day, the race committee cancelled racing for today. We will resume Thursday with race 4. Race 4 was abandoned on Tuesday after about 4 boats had finished. The course had been shortened at the second weather mark...