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    1975 Alcort Force 5

    contact Weeks marine in Patchoque, they are the current builders and owners of all info
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    2017 Rules Interpertation By Eric Johnson SCYC Laser Sailor

    2017 rule changes, its best to know them, and more fun when applied , best when not used .Rules should be used a a shield not a weapon!
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    Way, Way back ordered equipment???

    Exactly my point, my local dealer has 25 sails/ numbers /battens, ready t0 go what are you waiting for? NY USA
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    Way, Way back ordered equipment???

    Lets delete this thread, call your local dealer they have inventory.
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    My first regatta

    The rules of racing are a great place to start and E.J. a Laser Sailor since '72 as wells as, a Pro Chairman provides a easy explanation of the New 2017 Rules . Which in big international or local fleets helps self-confidence! Best of Luck and lets all sail by the Rules.
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    Any experience from Laser Mk2 practice sail from IntensitySails

    The official MK2 sail has a big feel to it, with power above, and flexibly below the radial panel,without the ugly stretch line. The Intensity sail has a similar feel up top, really great shelf on the foot, but flips a little on the lower panel without the (patent). The Intensity MK2 sail is...
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    Humm - Melges 14

    Nice looking boats, probably better features than a Laser. But the Laser out Sold the Force 5 and Banshee's including a 75lbs Banshee from the beginning.
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    Photo Of My Mast Step Reinforcement

    Thanks you confirmed my gut on this one. I like the sail in your photo, I have a big friend who could benifit from some increased SA ? Where can get one?
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    Photo Of My Mast Step Reinforcement

    The repairs shown are outstanding! I currently have a non leaking mast step in a old 1974 boat. I have no idea of its history other than it has been lightly used, based upon its wear on the mast step collar, tiller deck rub , scratches on the bottom, and no delaminatiion on the edges...
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    Photo Of My Mast Step Reinforcement

    The repair looks fantastic! How did you handle the deck? did you do any re enforcements under the deck? And where did you gain access to the mast step from the port center or starbord side? when fishished did you install a inspection port or re glass the deck piece in? If you or any one else...
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    New to Forum and new to me Laser

    Maybe the Laser Rules should allow larger ports for mast step repairs it its rule book. Plus recommendations on how to do them so not to comprimise the "one-design" concept.
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    Trailex Laser Trailer

    My mistake...
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    Trailex Laser Trailer

    Hi,there is a Laser designed trailex trailer posted on
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    Homepage Photo of the Moment

    Hope to see you this 4th of July, 2014 at NBIBCLRA