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    3 Levels of Laser Sailing

    I like level two also, I keep reminding myself of those days on the cold rainy November thru March days.
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    Other boats owned..

    I did sell the Boston Whaler Harpoon, but I never festup to the 4 kayaks, (one being the Hobie Outback that you pedal), '16 canoe, '19 Chaparral family runabout, and a 1959 '14 Glasspar Sport Lido the Sunday cruiser when the wind is not blowing.
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    Leave old bailer in?

    I just hate replacing the fragile plastic (2x now), the bronze holds up well.
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    Sailfish, $300

    SOLD, thanks.
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    Sailfish, $300

    The SAILFISH is now in Cleveland, Oh. and still available.
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    Other boats owned..

    Hello, I am new to the Laser world, one week of sailing in it so far , but have a Sunfish, Sailfish (4 sale), and a Boston Whaler Harpoon 4.7. I really like seat of your pants type sailing, I don't race, just like going out when its blowing. What's in your fleet? I'm sure others have multiple boats.
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    Sailfish, $300

    Sailfish in great shape, I repainted the center sitting area, and the fiberglass is in great shape, no leaks, solid and shinny, refurbished the wood handles, all hardware is original but great shape. Sail is not firm, but not torn with the Sailfish logo on it. Hull is white with the blue and red...
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    Sailfish & Sunfish

    I have one of each, anyone else have a Sailfish in this forum?
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    looking for metal bailor cap

    Hello,I can sure use one, just bought a old sunfish with a wrong plastic cap in it. Thanks, Steve