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    Transom Dimension Center of transom measures 19" from bottom to top of deck. My top mount hole is 2-3/4" below top of deck, bottom mount hole is 6" below top of deck. Not sure about the water line measurement. No stain present, as the boat lives on a trailer. I removed my mount and forget...
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    Trolling Motor Fuse?

    Fuse for Trolling Motor I agree, you won't be shocked in the event of a capsize. But... You need to protect your battery and wiring. A fuse SHOULD be installed as close as possible to the POSITIVE post of your battery. The fuse protects the wiring and the battery from overheating in the...
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    Trailer Up-Grade

    Trailer Upgrade i haven't had this trailer on any long-distance trips since changing the tires over to the 12", but was quite happy with the way the tires performed when they were on the other trailer toting a DN iceboat around Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The trailer pulled so easily you...
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    Trailer Up-Grade

    Trailer Upgrade I did just what you are asking with my Sprint trailer. I have a second trailer tht I had rebuilt a few years ago that had nearly new tires on it. The trailer that came under my Capri had really old, cracked 8" tires on it, so I swapped the tires and rims between the two...
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    Under deck mast support broken

    C14 Mast Step Repair Unable to open this pdf file on my MacBook, had a tough time deleting it too. Had to force-delete it. Hope it wasn't laced with a virus.
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    Standing Rigging Length

    Shrouds Cont'd With slight disrespect, being a mechanically competent person, when one of Catalina's shrouds fails (and it, too, eventually will) the mast will come down and you will need to order another shroud and wait for it to be built and shipped. Also plan on waiting 3-4 weeks on a...
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    Standing Rigging Length

    Shroud Length I made my own shrouds, and went with the suggested 15' 3-1/4" as you saw in the Capri Manual. I figured if there was a maximum length per class rules, there must be a reason for it. If you have read through a lot of the posts here, you might have seen that I bought a...
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    Help for uprighting a capsized Catalina 14

    Getting Back In Your Capri I saw a post somewhere on here describing a simple rope step to get in over the transom of the Capri. I hadn't thought of how much higher it is than my Laser. The first time I launched from shore I would have been in trouble without it, as I was in waist-deep...
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    cleaning original sails

    Cleaning Sails I used laundry detergent and Oxi-Clean on my sail and it worked wonders. The toughest part was scrubbing every square inch (on both sides)with a nylon-bristled, iron-shaped brush in the bathtub. (Not recommended.) It took me about 1-1/2 hours leaning over the edge of the tub to...
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    Lost top batten

    Upper Batten Dimensions Bill, My Capri 14.2 has a "Capri Sails" sail. The upper batten measures: 5/8" wide x 18" long x 1/16" thick. You might check with Catalina Sails to see if they can help, but you should be able to measure the remaining two battens and come up with the width and...
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    Help With Hull ID Number...

    Capri 14.2 Hull Numbers My Capri 14.2 is a 1988 model, hull/sail number 2432. (Confirmed moments ago via the engraved number on the outside of the transom and the plate on the inside.)
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    Syracuse, IN Where are you? How are the sails? Furling jib? Rudder condition? Centerboard...

    Syracuse, IN Where are you? How are the sails? Furling jib? Rudder condition? Centerboard condition? Overall hull condition?
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    New Mod 3

    Added Photo to Previous Entry Please see previous entry for Mast Support photo.
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    New Mod 3

    Support for Mast During Setup I have a piece of rounded (cross section) wood with two bent-over (90 degree) threaded steel pins spaced to be inserted in the rudder gudgeons during setup and teardown. The oversized dowel is approx. 2" in diameter, 30" long and has a padded, round, steel...
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    Swaging Tool From Lowes

    Clevis Pins and Rings Larger clevis rings arrived today, and should do nicely. I couldn't make it to Goshen, but since my Mrs. works downtown Goshen, she stopped by Fastenal during her lunch hour and picked them up. Part#11104135 $.33 ea I installed the rings tonight and taped them so the...