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    Dimensions of a Minifish Rig?

    We have used these folks...for aluminum tubing Metals Depot® Shopping Cart
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    Dimensions of a Minifish Rig?

    You have also answered some of my questions..many thanks..still trying to find a useable Minifish sail..may try one from Polysails ???
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    Alum rail bumper replacement

    Hi all, I have just finished a restoration on a early model SunFish.. I have three pieces of alum rail on this boat. The 1st. covers the bow back to the splash Gard.(port and starboard) The 2nd and third are longer and end are the stern, coming together at the rudder center. I'm missing the Port...
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    Bailer needed

    Hi, just about ready for a final coat of paint on our Sunfish and noticed the bailer needs to be replaced..anyone have a good usable unit, can contact me at
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    Complete bottom job on a 71 Sunfish

    I was able to pick a boat at a great price, however, as is normally the case, LOL , I now find I must repair her bottom. The last owner, simply brushed over the cracks and dings using plain epoxy resin w/o cloth. What I hope to do is completely recover the bottom with a very light glass,(1.5 oz...
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    Need Rudder, Daggerboard and Sail

    If you still have the dagger-board, and it will fit my '74 model, I would also be interested. BTW, wood or composite ? Thanks,
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    Refurbishing my Sunfish - Lots of questions

    Hi PB, great questions all.. I too, have just picked up a 1980 Sunfish as teaching rig for our school here in WV. I will be sure to follow the responses you get. So far, I have found this to be an excellent site/forum for my immediate needs. BTW, your location was not noted, but you are...
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    New member, first post

    capri 14 Ron, thanks...I check Dave's site every day (Sail Texas) with out doubt, best of it's kind. bob
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    We need a 14

    Capri 14 Auhhhh, thanks Steve....I really like the Capri and think it's one of the best bets for a trainer. SMSA
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    We need a 14

    Thanks Steve..yes to pic's sms
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    We need a 14

    capri 14 Steve, first of all, thanks for the reply. We have a small amount of cash, so the price would have to be far less then $ We believe we can repair any boat that comes with the basics, i.e sails,board, rudder etc. I would very much appreciate those pic's. bob sewelle...
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    New member, first post

    new to the group too I have to admit, I like like the Capri 14. We are actively looking for one now...any boat within 300 sm of WV. would be of interest to us. bob Sewelle Mt. Sailing
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    We need a 14

    Hi all, I have a small "Learn to sail free" group here in WV. We want to add a Capri 14 to our small fleet. If you know of one that is in good enough shape to teach in, we are looking.... thanks in advance for any and all help. bob Sewelle Mountain Sailing