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    It's been a good week when you've sailed your axx off!
  2. skutzabik defective products

    Re: defective products Thanks for the heads up. Good that we look out for each other. I almost made a purchase or two from them but my "spidy senses" were tingling. Glad I moved on.
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    6 mph wind

    Log onto If your lake is not in the database, you can contact them and ask to have yours added. They were pretty quick about adding mine and will notify you with a start up date. It is a great tool for planning my chores for no sail days and working my schedule to keep it...
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    Sailfish + VW Bus Ad

    It's the German SF clone, the U-boat!:D
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    Racing Sail ?

    Until this thread, I didn't think much of it...but I was in APS in Annapolis, MD on my way to the OBX recently and the SF section looked like Walmart on Christmas Eve, picked over and threadbare. Sections devoted to other lines looked fine but the stock for SF made the detour a waste of time...
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    Why did you choose sailing over a Powerboat?

    Dude, Get on plane, hiked out, spray in your face and you'll have your answer.:D
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    AMF Hilu

    Oh no, I have a Snark and four SF's, a pontoon, two bass boats and a canoe in the yard, mama's gonna kill me but I am now in the market for one of those too! How do I sneak that thing home? It will probably just melt in until I pull all the boats out for winter, then I got some "esplanin" to do.
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    What type of boat is this?

    It's close to the Snark Sunflower 3.3, but no cowling, so no dice. Not familiar with the sail logo.
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    Bolts in spar

    Photo of spar splice:
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    Bolts in spar

    You guys are good. What I thought was white tape marking the location on the spar for the gooseneck is really a pvc spacer that is slid over the pipe that has been used to splice the spar back together. The pvc diameter is so perfect it is nearly seamless. The repair seems very strong when...
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    ratchet block/cam cleat /swivel base diagram?

    Could you compress the spring with a couple zip ties and cut them off after the install..............
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    Bolts in spar

    Just picked up SF #2, a nice 76. The lower spar has four stainless 3/8 bolts through it. Two ahead of the gooseneck and two behind. Anyone know what they might be for? More importantly, can I take them out since the nylock nuts are abrading the sail edge, or will the spar be weakened having...
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    Sunrise sail with window for sale.

    Thanks, picking up a 76 fish for the kids today. It has a blown out sail so this should be great. I bid 65.00 and it didn't do it. I almost signd out but then said the heck with it and went 76.00. I reall thought someone would grab it and as very surprised the the bid held.
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    Getting back aboard

    I have had five newbies on the boat in the last month, so it has been upside down aplenty. Picture a seal. grab cockpit edge and pull up while flutter kicking your feet. You will scooch up and in. "If you aint gettin wet, your doin it wrong":D
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    Sunrise sail with window for sale.

    I won it by a dollar:cool: