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    Seizing New Shroud Wires to the Spreaders

    I have a follow up question. I redid the seizing wire and I'm not sure I have it "tight" enough. I'm using 18 gauge stainless solid wire, and while its pretty tight, if I pull fairly hard on the shroud, it just begins to slip through the seizing wire. I haven't been out to test it yet, so it...
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    For Sale: New Jib

    Hi, I'm interested in purchasing the sail if Sailing Gouda did not purchase it. I sent a PM the other day but wasn't sure if you check for those. Let me know. Thank you.
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    Seizing New Shroud Wires to the Spreaders

    Sounds good. Thanks for letting me know how to do it. I appreciate the info on this website. I found info on anti turtle options (presently a big apple juice container, but eventually a Baby Bob) and propulsion options (old Minn Kota and U1 deep cycle secured in a battery box at the transom)...
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    Seizing New Shroud Wires to the Spreaders

    Hi, I'm a fairly new owner of a Capri 14.2 (#615). I recently had a local shop make new shrouds for me which I installed myself using 18 gauge stainless wire. The original shrouds were "seized" with what looked like lightweight bailing wire (totally rusted). One side was bound so the shroud...