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    C14.2k for sale in Washington State

    Capri 14.2k (1995? I need to check the hull number) which has had VERY little use. Roller furling jib, full battened main are in very good to excellent condition. Always been kept on a lift, and sailed on fresh water. It's still on a lift, but located on Whidbey Island in Western...
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    Does anyone sail a keel model?

    I have a 14.2k and am very happy with its performance. It has always been stored out of the water, and has been lightly sailed. It's got a full battened main and a roller furling jib, both in good condition. I even sailed a circle around an owner of a supposedly high performance boat...
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    Four Capri 14s for sale in Rhode Island

    At the top of the post it says 05-26-2005, 02:57 PM
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    Stern Cleats

    I've seen them. Put a bale over it. Basically a round piece of metal which forms a flattish dome over the cleat. Each end of the bale is fastened to the deck far enough past the cleats so that you still have enough room to pass a line under it to actually be able to use the cleat. If you...
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    New guy with questions

    Get a Boomkicker. It beats a topping lift hands down. I made one for my Capri 14.2k, but bought a Boomkicker 1500 for my big boat. Go to for pictures. The Dragonfly pictured on the site is mine. There's just no comparison in convenience, and you don't have any chafe on the...
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    Stern Cleats

    $62 each and they're not exactly light, either. If you're racing, it could make a difference. They're a neat answer to lines getting caught. I am considering flush cleats for my 33' Dragonfly, especially the bow because they catch my asymmetrical spinnaker sheets. I'll have to cut down on...
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    Another Wild Story

    Steve, Maybe you should be sailing a Capri 14.2K! If you or anyone's interested, I have a lightly used one which I will most likely be selling next summer. It has full battens with reef points added. When it was brand new one of the first things I did was purposely try to get it to knock...
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    mooring the Capri

    Mooring anchor For a mooring anchor which may be subjected to wind from a single direction (such as in the Caribbean) a Danforth style anchor would be great, but if the wind direction can change you need an anchor which will not foul on its own rode. A Danforth will do that in spades (no pun...
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    Luff Groove Repair

    I have a Capri 14.2k circa 1992 (I think) hull # 97. The mast is aluminum, no anodizing. I've had numerous boats, some small power and 3 sailboats. I've sailed blue water on a couple of boats and learned a lot from my experiences. Trust a metal guy's advice. You're not crossing an ocean...
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    Luff Groove Repair

    Best to ask a pro It's probably repairable, but I would suggest you talk to a metal expert. Get the opinion of a welding shop or similar. I suppose with your insertion of a metal rod to prevent over correction, a propane torch and a little massaging with a wooden hammer might do the trick...
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    Cleaning Hull

    Look on the good side It's only a 14 foot boat. Fix it right. It's not going to be that big of a job. You can even turn it upside down to do the work. While you're doing it think of what it's like on a 40 footer with a full keel and 6 foot draft. Now THAT'S a big job! Steve B.
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    Single person sailing - Easy with the Capri 14?

    Advice for a newbie sailor Your frank description of your lack of experience is the best way to ask for advice when it comes to sailing. Good for you! I've been sailing and boating rivers, lakes, straits, islands and ocean since 1968 on several outboard, inboard, monohull sailing and...
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    Has anyone installed mainsail cars ?

    Dropping the main Thanks for your reply. I have been sailing a long time with other boats, and I am familiar with going head to wind to drop the main. It's just that I'm spoiled by my Dragonfly's recirculating batten cars. The boltrope has been lubed with silicone spray and it comes down...
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    Ideas for building a dolly?

    I welded up one from steel square tubing. It has a vertical piece at each corner with a garden tractor type tire, and a crossbar in front. The crossbar at the aft end is barely above the wheel axle so the keel can go over it. (I have a 14.2k version) The tops of the aft verticals have a...
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    What's it worth?

    Can you post some pictures?