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    drifting along in a Minifish

    Great Photo! Nothing better than seeing a dad spending time with his kids and passing on the love of sailing.
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    First sail of 2015: Perfect temps; Perfect wind. Did my Sunfish get insulted?

    Nice photos, thanks for sharing! It was a great weekend in San Diego, gald you got some sail time in.
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    Maiden Voyage

    Great to hear! Hope you get back out there soon.
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    The good along with the bad

    Headley Grange, Just FYI.... if you haven't found us already...we have a Sunfish fleet here in San Diego. You can find us at Our "frostbite" series starts after the new year and we race every other weekend throughout the summer. Come down and hang with us. Its a...
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    New dock stand

    That looks great! Just minutes to get out on the water.
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    Mast Cleat install - Question on rivet sizing

    Tag, Thank you for the link and info. Your original post on installing the cleat was my inspiration. Thanks again!
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    Mast Cleat install - Question on rivet sizing

    Hey Gang - I will be working on a few boat projects over the holidays. First up will be to install a mast cleat. I plan on using a some pop rivets. In order to purchase the proper size rivets I am trying to determine the grip range needed (thickness of cleat + mast side wall) Can anyone...
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    Air leak test using a valve stem

    Great idea, thanks for sharing. So did you find any leaks?
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    Sunfish Shack Rehab

    Looks great! Seems you have room for a few more :)
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    Intro: old sailor.... but new to forum

    Welcome to the Forum!
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    great sail on Lake Erie

    Great shot! Always nice to enjoy some stronger winds. Better than your last outing of having to walk the boat a bit :)
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    Sunfish camping?

    Wow that looks like a great little adventure. I wish there was a place buy me where I could sail the fish to and camp. Any othr pics of the the full boat with the gear tied down?
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    Sunfish side-switching as you tack - How do you do it?

    Great videos. I have been using the top one for a while. I am practicing the maneuver he sues right at about 3:50. As a newbie I too was struggling with proper tacking technique. Seeing some one else do it has helped a lot.
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    Sunfish Pickin Pensacola

    This will be a fun one to follow. Great work so far. Keep the photos coming and good luck!