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    Radial rig wanted

    Hi, I am looking for a Radial rig with a sail in racing condition. Thanks! ~Lisa
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    Laser >> Info

    I sail on the high school team in Friday Harbor, WA. We used to race Laser 2's, but now we sail Vanguard 15's. In my opinion, the Laser 2's were a lot of maintenence work. If you buy an older one, be prepared to do a lot of repairing. The main difference between the Laser and Laser 2 is that...
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    Laser >> Info

    Our high school sailing team used to race Laser 2's. We didn't use spinnakers and trapezes. They are possible to single-hand, but depending on your weight, you might get too overpowered with much wind. And you couldn't use the trapeze by yourself!
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    The Future of the Forum....A must read

    I hope that the classifieds section is still free. How else are prospective sailors going to find a boat to buy? :?
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    What to use on my hull?

    [color=indigo:6f8466ee13]Hi, What type of cleaning product should I use on my hull to make it shiny and fast? I've been told not to wax it. Thanks! 8) [/color:6f8466ee13]