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    Save it or strip it?

    I just I have signed on to this website and saw your post from a while ago. I'm assuming it's gone? I'm looking for a foredeck hatch cover of that vintage. Sorry for you loss.
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    Parting out a 1978 J/24

    My J/24 is hull #1916. I need a white-trimmed old-style one-piece foredeck hatch cover. It has the opaque fiberglass on top. I still have the s/s hinges that were ripped off the hatch. Text or call me at 518-788-0697.
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    Need parts to make repairs.

    I've included pictures. The main piece is 1/2" teak and holly from their conversion kit. Surprisingly it absorb water and rot around the edges. 69 7/16"x 25 1/4". It tapers to 20 5/8". It has a bevel around the perimeter and fits nicely. The back piece covers the exposed area under the cooler...
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    Need parts to make repairs.

    1. Old-style front hatch cover for 1980 J/24. White trim. I have hardware. 2. Cabin sole teak/cherry replacement. I believe this one was pre-cut by the supplier to follow vermiculite removal project.
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    Parting out a 1978 J/24

    Interested in Front hatch only. What color?
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    Not to be picky but while proof-reading I found a couple of words repeated: "on the on the". Might as well make Tim's hard work perfect: C.2.2 CREW POSITIONING (b) While seated on the deck, crew shall have the base of their spine on the on the deck and inboard of the lifelines and the...