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    Laser 132523 with Trailer/Dolly - Australia

    Laser Sailing Boat in great condition Hull & Sail Number 132523 This is a great little boat on registered trailer (June 2011) with self launching dolly combo. It is in race ready condition with full turbo kit, but will easily convert to pleasure cruising. It has 2 centreboards, 2 sails, rudder...
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Hi Will, Great to have you at our little regatta, and congrats on taking out the junior class. You sailed really well over the weekend, and I hope to race against you again next year. Good luck with your sailing and feel free to get in touch here or email me: cdew (at)
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    SLINGSBY Declared 2008 Laser World Champion (ISAF)

    Yo! Well done Tom!!!
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    March 2008 NSW State Laser Championships Dates: 8/9 March 2008 Venue: Port Stephens Sailing & Aquatic Club - Confirmed Note: Major prizes enter the draw to win a new sail. More Entry Form: Regatta entry On-line credit card entry: Here (closing date for on-line entry Thurs 6 March 08) You must...
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Hey Alysum - I'd say go for it. Sure there will be all the top guys there, but the state fleets normally have good depth, and people still learning to sail in reggatas. You will no doubt learn a lot. Great waterway to sail on too.
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    Clear Laser Sail...

    Go Aussies!!
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    Are Intensity Sails Faster? Etc.

    Re: Shaping an Intensity sail Boathouse - you have just as much reason for bias as Intensity. You are after all motivated by the same thing - financial profit. As such I thought you would support the free market economy? Obviously "Big Brother Laser" has had a word in your ear?
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    Sheet and Control Line Markings

    Don't worry about marking your mainsheet. Mark your mast at exactly 90 degrees with a line of permanent marker.
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    Velcro Clew Strap Pops Loose When Sail Powered Up

    If you are using a Rooster brand strap you may not have correctly rigged it? Another brand did that on me once, but the Rooster design is solid.
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    Traveler line ideas

    ^^ Ah yes! The winged keel of Australia II which won us the America's Cup in 1984.
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    Minnimum Hull Weight for Laser

    Thanks Ross - appreciate that. I actually tried a search but it yielded zip using exactly the same keywords??
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    Minnimum Hull Weight for Laser

    What is the minnimum hull weight for a Laser hull? Are most new boats this weight or is there a bit of variance? What is acceptable? Thanks.
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    Snapped My Upper Mast!

    ^^^^^ Now you have passed your Laser initiation, I hearby pronounce you - a REAL Laser Sailor!
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    Stiffness of Spars

    Re: Spar stifness - England LOL. Thats why we luv ya! :D
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    Clew Sleeve Not Sliding

    Mine jammed totally mid race in the first heat of the last regatta I sailed. I couldn't get back to the beach and had to sail the whole day with the outhaul stuck in one spot. I have since gone back to the strap, and had no probs. I'm sure the strap holds the leech tighter as well. Mostly...