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    Fairlead replacement

    Since I see you are in the US I suggest getting this, 17-1/2 In Heavy Duty Hand Riveter Set With Collection Bottle or a similar heavy duty rivet tool if you will be setting SS rivets. I have an earlier version of this tool and it has worked well for marine and other large rivets.
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    Please help identify...!

    Eatwell, I was just kidding because it looks like a Laser that had its aft section chopped off and replaced with an open transom. That's not the case since I think I see a chine in the hull and there are several other features that differ. Can we assume that the first photo was taken by you...
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    Please help identify...!

    While its not a Laser (at least not anymore) :), there are lots of similarities so you have done well to ask here. I'd suggest that you use a Laser rigging guide as a starting point. There are many other guides - some are YouTube videos. These guides will...
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    Laser Hull Contents

    Not sure what the "pottery" is but you might want to make sure it's not broken pieces of the stuff that attaches the bottom of the mast tube to the hull.
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    C5, C6 and C8

    LaLi, thanks for your answers! Rob
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    C5, C6 and C8

    I have some questions that I hope some of you who may have seen the "C" rigs or may have seen or used similar rigs on 29er, etc. boats may be able to answer. It looks like the vang is above the boom and acts in compression. This must be some kind of stick, rod, or tube. I assume it is a...
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    Hull ID 1892? and a few questions

    LaLi, I think your description (weird) of the "repair" is charitable. :) Brue21, assuming the inspection port is there, an hour or two and a little money for materials will get you a big improvement.
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    Maststep of used laser, what do you think?

    The inside does look good and the bottom of the mast tube seems to be good as well. It's hard to tell from the photos how serious the damage at the top of the mast tube is - could be more than cosmetic. I'm going to assume from your photos that you have an access port in the deck somewhere...
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    Commissioning a 1988 Laser that has not been used in many years

    If you value your boat please be very careful if you intend to use air pressure in the hull to check for leaks. Even just 1psi will result in several thousand pounds of force pushing the deck and hull apart.
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    Laser Value Question

    Be aware that if water fills the mast tube and freezes the tube can be damaged. A cover may or may not prevent that. Foam of some kind can inserted into the tube as further protection.
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    New boom blocks

    Make sure that you are looking for a 90 cm sleeve, NOT a 90" sleeve. To install the rivets you need a heavy duty rivet tool. You can get one at Harbor Freight.
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    Refurbishing a '76 Laser: And so it begins

    I was thinking also that those new rivets look like they might be aluminum. If so, I don't think they will last. Harbor Freight sells a big rivet tool that will easily set SS rivets of the size used. As to your questions, I don't think you will have any problems with what remains of the old...
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    Looking for some help !

    If there are no soft spots in the deck or cockpit (and I wouldn't expect that in a boat that new) and no problems with the mast hole, it seems very nice.
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    Precision P13... I know... It's not a Laser... but...

    Caprintx, are you sure the bailer was fully deployed and the flapper at the rear wasn't stuck? My experience with Elvstrom bailers (on an OK dinghy many years ago) is that they work very well (better than the Laser bailer).
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    Precision P13... I know... It's not a Laser... but...

    I'm not the forum moderator, but I certainly would be happy to entertain such inquiries.