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    Hypothetical Helium filled laser

    Well, you may have heard of helium neon lasers. They are only legal to sail in early April.
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    Laser boom gooseneck plug hole keeps widening why?

    Also, I guess it's worth making sure the gooseneck isn't faulty (coming apart or loose pin).
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    Laser boom gooseneck plug hole keeps widening why?

    Jenova, you say the boom has come off of the gooseneck - while fully rigged or under way? It looks to me as though, as I think you are also suggesting, that the deformation is happening as the boom slides almost all the way off the pin and gets cocked a bit, and when forward pressure is...
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    Boat ramp

    From your photo it looks to me as though only four rollers total are supporting the hull and the area of contact is not greatly resistant to deformation.
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    Boat ramp

    Did you buy one of the Shore Ramps or does that one belong to someone else? You haven't shown your dolly but I wonder if you could add a winch similar to that on the Shore Ramp to your dolly. Harbor Freight sells those. The nice thing is that they have a ratcheting feature.
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    Rule change vote

    Rob B, don't you mean 149" to 150"?
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    Preparation time

    LETLMT, 30 minutes sounds long to me too. Rigging takes me about 15 min. My Laser is on a dolly in my boathouse near the shore and covered, but most of the other steps that I follow seem similar to what you do. I use a shackle and Velcro band at the outhaul and I leave the vang attached to...
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    Laser Mast Step at Hull

    This is the first I've heard of repairing the mast tube this way. I recommend (because its what I did) that you add another inspection port off to the side of the mast hole and make the repair as others have done. And if the tube is really loose I would DEFINITELY NOT SAIL THE BOAT UNTIL ITS...
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    Fairlead replacement

    Since I see you are in the US I suggest getting this, 17-1/2 In Heavy Duty Hand Riveter Set With Collection Bottle or a similar heavy duty rivet tool if you will be setting SS rivets. I have an earlier version of this tool and it has worked well for marine and other large rivets.
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    Please help identify...!

    Eatwell, I was just kidding because it looks like a Laser that had its aft section chopped off and replaced with an open transom. That's not the case since I think I see a chine in the hull and there are several other features that differ. Can we assume that the first photo was taken by you...
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    Please help identify...!

    While its not a Laser (at least not anymore) :), there are lots of similarities so you have done well to ask here. I'd suggest that you use a Laser rigging guide as a starting point. There are many other guides - some are YouTube videos. These guides will...
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    Laser Hull Contents

    Not sure what the "pottery" is but you might want to make sure it's not broken pieces of the stuff that attaches the bottom of the mast tube to the hull.
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    C5, C6 and C8

    LaLi, thanks for your answers! Rob
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    C5, C6 and C8

    I have some questions that I hope some of you who may have seen the "C" rigs or may have seen or used similar rigs on 29er, etc. boats may be able to answer. It looks like the vang is above the boom and acts in compression. This must be some kind of stick, rod, or tube. I assume it is a...
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    Hull ID 1892? and a few questions

    LaLi, I think your description (weird) of the "repair" is charitable. :) Brue21, assuming the inspection port is there, an hour or two and a little money for materials will get you a big improvement.