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    Laser in DFW area, race ready

    Laser racing sailboat, #171656, with everything ready to race at a competitive level. Serious buyers only. Full list of upgrades and additional pictures to offer a great racing boat with no work needed. Navy stripe on hull number #171656 is sealed tight and remains dry after a long day of...
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    Racing priorities

    Bonus points for the excellent audio in the video....too funny!
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    Advanced Laser Boat Handling

    Did you sell this DVD? Hoping to pick it up from you. The add was still up so I thought it might be available. Let me know! rich
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    Laser with Full & Radial Rigs

    Hello, is this boat still available? rich
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    WTB Full Rig, Race Ready, Dallas Area, cash in hand

    Hello friends, I am very interested in purchasing a race ready, full sized Laser in good condition. Trailer optional. Cash in hand. Please send or provide link for pictures and as much details as you can to prevent unnecessary travel / disappointment. We are starting a Laser fleet at our...
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    Bowers Campaign Laser 199761 for sale in Long Beach

    Thanks for posting. Do you have a link to pictures and any further details? I'm interested. rich
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    1988 laser for sale

    Do you have a link with pictures?
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    Creating new Laser Fleet: advice

    We have several to many members interested in starting a Laser Fleet. What guidance, advice, or suggestions might you post to push us in the right direction? Lessons learned, do over thoughts?? Thanks, rich
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    Need 4.7 lower mast section

    I have 2 boys that are looking to sail our Laser this summer, but will need a good, used 4.7 lower mast section. We are looking to possibly start a Laser fleet at our club and we need to get started. Can we look at the growth of our class with a fair price in stead of someone trying to sell a...