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    Lake Garda, Italy

    Can someone recommend a sailing club/training facility in the lake Garda area. I'm a Masters sailor looking for some coaching while there. Thx
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    Best Place To Live In The Us This Summer For Laser Sailing?

    You have a very good point, but I'll take the cold water and wind instead of floating around a hot NJ summer (waiting for the seabreeze to fill) while getting eat'in alive by green heads. Can't be any worse than frostbiting here. This is only if I win the lottery and can live anywhere as stated...
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    Best Place To Live In The Us This Summer For Laser Sailing?

    Sorry District 10, if I won the lottery today, I would be in San Fran tomorrow.
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    Turn On! To Rules Transitions: Part One

    I'm sorry CoachK. My post was not intended to offend. My comment about 75 was only to point out a classic fault that WE all do and was captured perfectly in the picture. The comment about the sail use was just in frustration of the whole scenario. Your program sounds fantastic and YES, more...
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    Turn On! To Rules Transitions: Part One

    It is amazing what you can learn from a just a photo. Sit forward, the 69 boat's stern is out of water compared to boat 75. Intensity Sails, really! I guess one design racing is no longer in affect for Laser Class. Yes, I know the arguments, but I guess I don't have to camouflage that graphite...
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    I'm interested in getting a compass and would anyone have any suggestions for the Intensity w/ foam block? How do you run a bungee for the dagger board without it getting in the way?
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    The Joy of Laser Sailing

    Winning! Something I don't do that often!
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    Successful Sailing Trip In Cabarete, DR

    I'm sure the guys picking up your boats were Wilson and Keacho (pictured with us). They made each day much better with their help launching and retrieving the boats. Whatever Ari pays those 2, I'm sure they earn it! The place is a blast. Ari did mention you Canadians. He said you guys had some...
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    Successful Sailing Trip In Cabarete, DR

    Just got back from taking some clinics at the Laser Training Center in Cabarete. Had the pleasure of training with all 3 instructors (Rulo, Ken Brown, and Ari Barshi). Went down with 3 other sailors and we all had a great time. The very intense wind and training will be hard to forget or...
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    D10: District 10 sailors at Masters Midwinters

    Way to go guys. Jealous that you're down there and we are still looking at a frozen Cooper River here. Have to change this scenario next year. Kick some butt!
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    Commercial promotion on List Servs?

    WOW!! Don't you have enough to bitch about because of the past elections. No harm in letting the district know. I'm sure we are all not as smart as you to know that its a "market gathering device". Don't sign up for it and stop whining.
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    Acme Black Diamond Carbon Tiller and Fatso Jr Extension

    I am interested. Can you give me a call 267-980-6477. Steven
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    Caribbean Sailing Camps

    Hello All, I have been sailing a Laser now for 2 years and competing at my local club. I'm no spring chicken (40's) and would like to get better through some advance lessons. My wife and I usually go to the Caribbean in the spring each year. Does anyone no of a Laser sailing camp that is open to...
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    2008 laser for sale

    Very interested in your laser. I'm in Philly also. Is this just a radial rig or, do you also have full rig and sail? Are you also including the blades and tiller? You can email me pics at Would be up to seeing ASAP.