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    Mast step failure. Repair.

    Thanks for the plans, unfortunately the vertical supports are have rotted out and failed, which I believe is the primary cause of the mast failure. I have purchased some marine ply to replace the supports and some hardwood to replace the beam. Here some photos of the original damage.
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    How do I Install Foam Below Deck?

    markfisk I have the same problem with my old Mod1. I am certain the stringers below deck are rotted out, and am considering filling the entire area under the cockpit with closed cell foam rather than replacing all the wood. I have herd mention of this solution but have never seen it described in...
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    Mast step failure. Repair.

    Any suggestions for replacing/repairing the entire capri 14 mast step structure? Has has anybody done this? Bought a Mod 1 from 1984-86 earlier this year. It had been used by a local yacht club and stored outdoors in our notoriously wet conditions (Seattle). When I bought it I noticed some...