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    The ultimate laser trailer- Kitty Hawk - for sale in Canada

    I am sadly forced to sell my Kitty Hawk trailer - I need the space in my garage. It is in perfect condition, no rust or damage - always stored in my garage in Toronto - little used, since I was relocated to the NYC area for work. Please call - 416 482 8188
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    Nexus Racing Elite 103RE Compass and APS Mounting Plate for sale

    Hello Jon, Yes it is - I had a sailor from Ottawa agree to buy it at $160, but he has not followed up - so if you can match his price its yours! thx phil
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    Nexus Racing Elite 103RE Compass and APS Mounting Plate for sale

    New condition - bought from APS - then used twice Sold with instruction manual call 416 482 8188 Phil
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    Kitty Hawk trailer dealers in NY ???

    Here you go - it was posted on Sept 27th - Nautical America is the previous manufacturer of the Kitty hawk. Laser Trailer for sale - this trailer is specifically made for Lasers and is light enough to potenially use around the yard like a dolly as well. This trailer is in perfect, like new...
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    Kitty Hawk trailer dealers in NY ???

    Maxx Looks to be a KittyHawk for sale near you in the Laser Forum classifieds check it out $475. I have one and it is a great trailer! cheers Puggie
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    Deck cleat screw holes

    OK - I had the same problem 3 years ago. 1) Go to home depot and buy a double barreled syringe of LePage self mixing 5 minute epoxy (the stuff with the spiral nozzle that mixes as you push the plunger) - it costs $5.95 2) Put your boat on the roof rack - open your sunroof - align the holes...
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    Unstable foils

    Hi, I leave my foils in a thermal bag under the top cover in the boat during the summer club racing season. They warp! My rudder grows lumps each year and I have to cut it back to the rusting reinforcement, fill with epoxy and fair in the spring. Plan A - buy a set of the new FRP class legal...
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    Is it time to allow digital compass'

    I searched the forum but could not find a good explanation why digital compass' are not class legal. The one thread I found mentioned that the digital compass is class legal in the Fin fleet. Seems to me that our fleet could move forward with this change. The cost of a Nexus plus fittings is...
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    Kitty Hawk or Trailex Laser trailer wanted - Toronto

    Please PM me if you have a Kitty Hawk or Trailex Laser trailer for sale thanks
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    Hiking Bench 4 Sale

    Is the bench still for sale? I am in Pittsburgh in ten days and could pick it up.
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    Flat Seitech dolly tire

    Thanks guys for all the pointers - fixed it! It was important to know that this was a tubeless set up. This is what I did: 1) Found leak was where the tire bedded on the rim 2) Broke seal by putting soapy water on the rim and standing on the tire 3) Found sand and grit around seal -...
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    Flat Seitech dolly tire

    Anyone know how to repair a Seitech dolly tire (it does not hold air for more than a day) Does it have a tube inside? Can you get the tire off the rim yourself or do I need to take it to a car tire repair shop? Any ideas?
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    I am lucky enough to travel to Berlin for business every 3 months or so - as I fly in to Tegel I see some pretty big lakes - and sometimes some sailboats. Is there a laser racing scene in Berlin? It would be a blast trying to get out and meet the locals. Does anyone know how it works there?
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    Clothing- Wetsuit alternative?

    Sailorchick is right, the Rooster polypro top is amazing - it keeps you warm when it is cold but does not cause you to overheat when the sun shines. My 2c
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    Downwind technique 20kt

    So after slogging uphill towards the topmark in 20kts, I let off vang, cunningham, outhaul and pull up daggerboard halfway - let out main as fast as I can while I bear away keeping the boat as flat as possible. Up she pops onto the plane, heading downwind - then splash - big deathroll that I...