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    North Americans, June 14-17,2007

    Finally have the information on the NAs in Hyannis on the web. You can only enter online and it is available at: For those who remember during the 2002 Worlds, Nantucket Sound had some epic Laser...
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    Next Laser Worlds in 2005/2006

    The Laser Radial Worlds in 2006 are currently scheduled for North America, they will be held at California Yacht Club.
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    4.7 Worlds

    The Laser 4.7 Worlds will indeed be in BArrington. You can look at the website at Soon ILCA will have application and other on the website. Stay tuned this should be a great event in good sailing venue. Event chair Scott Walker is committed to a super event.
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    The rules on sponsorships

    If you read the RRS and ILCA applications you will see that Lasers and Radials being Olympic classes are in Category C. You should be aware that the event sponsor does have the right to mark each boat if it applies in that regatta. This will be clearly indicated in the NOR. Would he like to...
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    what are those thing on the masts of the laser worlds boats?

    Colored Fleet Designators Well this may seem like a little thing but the color class designators were actually pretty expensive. We wanted to get them back so we could use them again for Opti fleet colors. Just trying to save ourselves a few bucks. Perhaps you can tell I am a New Englander....
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    what are those thing on the masts of the laser worlds boats?

    Blue/Yellow Bands The yellow and blue bands designate the fleet the sailor is in for that day. These change daily, the scoring program recalculates the new class designation. Each sailor is required to return his color daily and pick up a new color designation every morning. During the...
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    Information on Master's Worlds in Hyannis:

    Chris, As long as you are registered with ILCA, you should show up on Fri/Sat for registration and measurement. We will have a big crowd and a bar space for all. The Seniors are on now, great sailing and Hyannis YC is looking forward to welcomimg the Masters. Pray for wind and beer deliveries...