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    What is this on my Boom?

    That's exactly what it is... I have an early laser (#1164) that has that attachment. I never changed it because I just hack around. I have a newer boat that has a different setup.
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    Neanderthal Laserites

    Cheers... this is about what I sail for, though I do enjoy the occasional regatta. I bought two lasers so that my friends can sail when they come up to the lake.
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    Launching off weather shore

    Interesting... it made sense to me for completely different reasons... I was thinking a lake vs an Island... a boat will point to weather when in experiencing weather helm, in which case the bow of the boat would point the the [lake]shore most difficult to launch from :-) What makes it quite...
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    Launching off weather shore

    I think Wikipedia is correct in this instance. Compare to the term we are all more familiar with: "weather helm."
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    night sailing

    Then they can make an educated decision to mow you down anyway :-)
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    night sailing

    I understand your point, however I question the notion that anyone truly "in the know" would assume a boat with proper navigation lights is a powerboat. You can find various flavors of the language that state the torch on the sail is the minimum requirement, but the standard navigation lights...
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    night sailing

    That's true also in the midwestern US. I just typically try to use all the safety gear instead of what you think you might need. To me, being dead (yet legal!) isnt all that grand :-)
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    night sailing

    I've done it several times in a laser... the body of water has little traffic, I used the glowsticks as lights, had one on the bow and one tied to the top of the mast, and a couple flashlights on the dock to help finding the way back easier... Make sure people know you are going... it's not...
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    yacht club membership

    I formed a yacht club for an event a couple years back so I had something to write in for my registration. I had several new members before the regatta was over. Instead of membership fees I gave away beers to anyone that wanted to join.
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    Laser hull - where is COG?

    I'm not sure the center of gravity, but... LOA 4,064 mm (13 ft 4 in) LWL 3,810 mm (12 ft 6 in) Beam 1,422 mm (4 ft 8 in) Hull weight 59 kg (130 lb)
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    Race in Montana!

    One year I will make this, probably once the kids are old enough to be in radials...
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    How was your first Laser regatta/racing experience?

    I was dead last in two races, the RC was kind enough to finish me in place. managed to be 3rd from last in another race... Had one great start and subsequent upwind leg where I went around the windward mark in fifth... then was passed and maybe ended up 16th out of 25 boats. What I...
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    '82 laser, worth the trouble?

    I'm pretty sure you will have all the oldest gear... so IF you decide to upgrade you will have some more stuff to replace than the average, the vang tang near the base of the mast bottom section changed at some point and the new style vangs wont fit. Also the way that the vang key attaches to...
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    '82 laser, worth the trouble?

    I dont *think* that you are missing anything... maybe a little rectangular piece of plastic... Starting at the top, going generally left to right in your pic.... -mainsheet cleats (2), mount port and starboard of the cockpit - the thing with the line attached is the traveler block and line...
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    Wind indicator

    Mine is a 1" strip of single ply trash bag about 2.5-3 feet long. I tie it to the strap at the top of the mast. I don't use it too often as I have a hard time translating the apparent wind direction to actual wind direction. As some else stated, a feel for boat speed, sail trim and watching...