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    Serial Number

    Serial # Found it! Hiding in plain sight. On the outside transome and in the cubby. Thank you.:)
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    Serial Number

    Serial No. Thanks for the info ... I'll have closer look. JH
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    Is sticker paper HIN legit?

    Ser# Thank you ... I'll look more carefully ...
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    Serial Number

    Where can I find my boat's serial number. The hull number is stamped metal attached to the transom but I need a serial number for insurance. I looked everywhere for a scratched in number outside the boat, imprints, nothing in the cubby. What's a mother to do.
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    Is sticker paper HIN legit?

    Hin :confused: I'm trying to insure my boat and they need a serial number. There is a metal hull number on the transom - should that be enough?
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    Omega 14 capsize video

    C14 Capsize Jim: Great video. I'm a new C14 owner on a small lake in Colorado with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains; i.e., Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker. Yours is breathtaking. Your video was soooo perfect ... textbook from beginning to end. I've yet to experience it myself but will rerun...
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    Outboard question

    Water TightnessC14 C Hull Hi Bill ... I'm concerned about the same thing ... I'm going electric on my wakeless lake and about to purchase a golfcart 18 hole battery and am concerned about protecting my investment. JH:)
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    "Sailing with motor attached"

    MinnKota 30 Thrust I'm on a wakeless lake with my C14, have purchased my electric motor MinnKota 30, and have been advised after many opinions by the MinnKota dealer to purchase a golfcart 18 hole battery ... anyone out there with experience going this way? My battery will be secured with a...