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    New Sails for sale

    I can use a good main and genny and a spare chute be useful. What is your bottom price if I take all three
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    Regatta sails with one event!! and practice sails

    Who is the sailmaker? And what use have the practice sails seen Colin
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    J-24 Sails and Keel Template

    Is the genny still available? If so what year and any pictures
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    J/24 Parts for sale

    What is the traveller system?
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    Full set of Doyle sails, light air genoa and UK Spinnaker

    If they are all available, and you throw in the light genny, (I'm sailing PHRF) I,ll offer you $1000.
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    Quantum genoa and mainsail

    Any or all of these sails still available? If so how old are they
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    J24 Genoa for sale (North)

    Is the genny still available? If so what year is it and any photos
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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    Not sure about that. Could you send a photo?
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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    Do you have a windward sheeting traveler system?
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    Wanted windward sheeting car

    Wanted windward sheeting car with or without track.
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    Declining J/24 Interest ?

    I like the idea of a fully battened main but would hate to give up my genny. How about specifying a heavier min cloth weight?
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    Declining J/24 Interest ?

    I wonder if there would be support for a "senior" classification with its own unique rules governing such things as a lower crewwt/# and perhaps white sail only? I and my crew are either grandfathers or old enough to be. We still have a lot of fun but realize we need more room and time to move...
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    2011 North Pentex Genoa

    If still available please email me pictures - like the wear along the foot. Thanks Colin