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    Full Rig Lower Mast Section

    Need a class legal Full Rig lower mast section. I live in New Orleans, LA the closer the better but I will pay for shipping or pick up.
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    1979 Laser Full rig

    can you please send me pictures? I am interested in the standard rig bottom section and sails, regardless of condition.
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    1995 Hull and Parts

    I am looking to buy a full rig bottom section if you have one to sell.
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    White Laser 2008

    If you don't get any hits for a while, let me know and I will gladly buy your bottom section full rig and pay the shipping to New Orleans.
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    Trade and Purchase...Need a healthy Laser I hull...have many, many parts

    Any spars left? I need a full rig bottom section.
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    Full Laser Rig - VGC - (Just about) everything but the hull

    Full rig lower section, still for sail? Pictures? Prices? I am willing to pay shipping.
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    Do you have a full rig bottom section (US) I can buy off of you? I am willing to pick up or pay...

    Do you have a full rig bottom section (US) I can buy off of you? I am willing to pick up or pay shipping.
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    Lasers for sale

    How much do you want for the full rig bottom section and where is it located?
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    Competitive 2003 Laser Full/Radial

    Is there any way I can buy the full rig bottom mast piece only off of you?
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    Full Rig Bottom Wanted

    I have a full rig sail, all I need is the bottom section of the mast. I will either pick up or pay shipping.
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    Full-rig WANTED

    I am looking for a full rig. I have the sail and the radial rig, I am just looking to comlete the full rig.