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    Airing out a heavy hull

    Picked up a mint condition '73 sunfish in July. I sailed the boat all summer knowing it was was heavy and needed to air out the hull this winter. I am going to cut a hole in the front of the cockpit for an inspection port. My question is, would it be a bad idea to let it air out over the...
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    Sunfish Block Help

    Just ordered the 57mm Holt. Thanks for all of the help!
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    Sunfish Block Help

    I am trying to install a ratchet block on my 1974 sunfish. I am wondering if a fixed block will work or do I need a swivel one? Also I should use a backing plate when I install it correct? These are the ones I am considering Optimist Mainsheet Block - EX1309 Harken 40mm Single Block H2636...
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    New (to me) sunfish!

    Thanks for all of the help! I had the boat out on the water today and she sailed great. I plan on installing a new style drain plug on the transom for easier drainage after sailing and buying the intensity racing sail. I used my dual action buffer to compound, polish and wax the boat. It...
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    New (to me) sunfish!

    Hello All! As of this afternoon I have purchased my first sunfish, and am taking delivery in a few days. It is a mid 1970's boat, white with blue and red stripe. The boat was owned by a man in his 80's who has not used it in many many years. It was stored in his basement, and seems to be very...
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    Sunfish wanted NJ

    I am looking for a Sunfish in Northern NJ. I am in the Wayne and Lake Hopatcong area. Thanks