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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    It's from where the shaft meets the housing, or close to it. The clamp housing part could be moved and locked in anywhere along the shaft.
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    How do you paddle a Capri 14.2?

    I've paddled alone with this, I lowered the sails and let the boom lie down in the cockpit then stood near the stern and was able to paddle both sides. It was not fast at all. Shortly after that I bought a motor very similar to the one pictured above.
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    Any Chesapeake 14.2 sailor here?

    I've wanted to sail out of Sandy Point but I haven't gotten the chance yet. I only got the boat this summer so it's been Triadelphia reservoir, Black Hills regional park and once on the Rhode river south of Annapolis.
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    Small outboard motors on Capri 14.2

    I have been hauling a HUGE battery around. I found the picture you are talking about and if you could tell me where I could find a bracket like that I would really like to know about it. It fits so perfectly it looks like it could have been an original option. 4thbnnjvolCurassier I've been...